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Our company specialises in residential and commercial renewable energy. The worlds energy crisis and negative impacts of burning fossil fuels, coupled with the increasing power prices, leaves a high demand for alternative, clean energy sources. As a young company, our aim is to serve more Western Australians with good quality solar products at affordable prices.

Existing system upgrade

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Category: residential

Project Description

Fronius Inverterdead JFY 2kW

The existing install had a 2kw JFY single phase inverter with 1.5 kW’s worth of panels on the roof. The inverter had become faulty and the customer wanted to upgrade to a larger system. We designed a system for the customer to utilise there existing solar panels on one input of the inverter and the additional solar panels on the second input whilst bringing the existing solar array up to current CEC standards. We replaced the 2kw JFY single phase inverter with a 5kW Fronius three phase inverter with wireless monitoring so the systems performance can be monitored on the customers computer or mobile phone.