About Our Company

Our company specialises in residential and commercial renewable energy. The worlds energy crisis and negative impacts of burning fossil fuels, coupled with the increasing power prices, leaves a high demand for alternative, clean energy sources. As a young company, our aim is to serve more Western Australians with good quality solar products at affordable prices.


Residential Solar Perth Q&A

from Continuum Solar

Solar panels on residential homes are the driving force behind the Australian solar industry

Government rebates for solar have been around since year 2000 and over 2 Billion Watts of solar panels are distributed on roofs all over Australia

Residential and small commercial solar are the most cost effective sectors to replace energy with solar panels, creating the most savings in energy bills.


How does a Grid Connected Solar System work ?
Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity which can be used to power your home or business. Any excess electricity is fed out into the main electricity grid and is bought from you by your energy company at 7cents per unit. You can reduce your power bill significantly so that you have little or nothing to pay. You will also reduce your household’s greenhouse gas emissions by several tonnes per year.

What’s an inverter ?
The inverter converts the DC electricity from your solar panels into 240VAC electricity (usable energy)

Are all solar panels created equal ?
No they are not. It is vitally important that the ingredients used in a solar panel are up to the job. At Continuum, we have selected ingredients from manufacturers with a long history in providing quality materials to the solar panel industry. So many manufacturers underestimate the power of the Australian sun. Continuum does not cut corners with materials. It is also very important how a solar panel is manufactured. Continuum uses a highly automated manufacturing plant with robotic control at every stage of manufacture coupled with rigorous quality checks. Continuum Solar panels are 100% electroluminescent and flash tested.

What are some of the benefits of solar electricity ?
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced electricity bills, ongoing energy savings and an enhanced property value.

Where should the panels be installed ?
Panels are usually mounted on the roof of your house, shed or garage. They can also be mounted on the ground. Solar panels are located to maximise exposure to the sun and to minimise shading. A north facing roof at 30° is optimum however orientation within 45° east or west of north is also highly beneficial.

Is there any Government support to install solar panels ?
The Federal Government Renewable Energy Target legislation requires energy companies to source a percentage of their electricity from renewable sources such as solar panels. When you install solar panels, your solar system’s green energy is aggregated and sold to a “polluting” power company. This is done by way of Small Technology Certificates or STC’s. Continuum Solar organises the paperwork for the creation of your STC’s and reduces the cost of your solar system accordingly

Who installs the system ?
Continuum Solar organises the installation by CEC accredited installers and does not use sub-contractors. Installation will typically take one day for a 5kW system.

How much maintenance is required ?
Very little, apart from keeping your solar panels clean. The panels are guaranteed for up to 25 years.

What happens if the grid goes down ?
Your system is designed to automatically shut down too, as a safety requirement during a blackout.

Which system should I buy ?
Most commonly people start with a 3kW solar system. This system is generally a good size to run an energy efficient household.

Will you visit my home or property to quote ?
Absolutely! Just contact Continuum Solar. One of our energy consultants will work with you to come up with the best solar system to suit your needs and budget. Our custom design software enables us to place virtual panels on your roof to give you an idea of how a solar system on your home or business may look.